The $124.8 million total of last year was the 2nd highest total ever, and we are ahead of last year’s total in December by $9 million. So things appear very positive for fiscal year 2013 !!!!

At the end of December:

- the City is at $54.5 million, whereas last year at this time we were at $45.9.

- The City has 73 new total residential units, whereas last year at this time we were at 37 new total units

-  We are behind last year for single family, with 25 year to date, whereas last year we were at 29 year to date

-  Valuation for residential last year was $4.6 million, whereas this year we are at $8.8 million

-  New commercial construction values are at $27.3 million, whereas last year we were at $27.9 million

-       There are some exciting projects still coming this year, already announced……

  • Green Hotel Project at Tech Works
  • Robson Homes plans for 40+ units at Hummingbird Circle
  • Skogman Homes plans for 8+ homes at Hummingbird Circle
  • Platinum Homes plans for Tunis site development of 354 units


In all, the City of Waterloo has seen tremendous growth, development, and investment – both public and private – throughout the various areas of the community.  This shows great balance between residential, commercial, and industrial, as well as positive investment and development by differing areas of expertise as well: medical, retail, warehousing, manufacturing, etc.


The $2.9 million Bio-Life Plasma Center is under construction near Best Buy along Crossroads Boulevard.

A new $968,000, 6-tenant potential strip mall is under construction at the former Bonanza site

A $500,000 expansion on the Crossings strip mall is underway for the new Panda Express restaurant.

The new Noodles, Panchero’s, and Means Wear $2.0 million strip mall is now open for some new retail opportunities

Deery Auto has completed their $180,000 addition to their site on Alexandria Drive, just west of Wal Mart.

The $1.5 million CVS Pharmacy is now open at the corner of San Marnan and La Porte Road, on the site of the former fire station.  This project has brought forth a new fire station, improvements to the Ridgeway/La Porte intersection, and paving the way for additional commercial development to the area.

Panera Bread has taken out permits for a $252,000 drive-thru addition to their site along La Porte Road.

The Planning Commission will review a request for rezoning land west of Taco John’s to allow for an expansion onto their current site.

The new $502,000 Bamboo Ridge campground and convenience store are now open, complete with a new lake, to help bring visitors and tourists to the entire area, for shopping & entertainment at Crossroads, Lost Island, and Isle of Capri area.

The 96-unit Crossroads Preserve, over $12 million in new investment, residential buildings are now open with a waiting list just behind the Super Target off of Camelot Drive

The 60-unit Legacy Manor senior housing project is now open, right behind Menards, for a new $11.0 million investment.

The City is working to partner with a local developer who has announced a redevelopment project for the former Kmart Plaza site, just west of the new CVS store, with plans for demolition and new construction on the site.  Selective demolition activities have begun.



  • The Standard Forwarding trucking facility is now complete for their relocation to the airport area, just east of Fed Ex Ground, to bring a new $1.1 million development to this area, as well as paving the way for the new Northeast Iowa Food Bank site, in the Rath area.
  • The City of Waterloo has opened up the new MidPort Boulevard street segment heading north from Airline Highway, for Standard Forwarding, which will eventually help with a second entrance to the airport. 
  • The City of Waterloo is working with VIA Rail for the development of a rail-served, multi-tenant, industrial area on the western edge of the Waterloo Airport.  This is 70 acres of land owned by the City available for development.
  • CPM Roskamp is now complete in the construction of their $500,000 office addition to help in their growing business needs in the Waterloo community.
  • The City of Waterloo completed construction of an extension of Geraldine Road from a $220,000 RISE grant to create more industrial lots along Highway 218, near the Waterloo Regional Airport
  • Sulentic and Dahlstrom are under construction of a new $1.2 million spec industrial building in new of those new lots on Geraldine Road
  • Fed Ex Ground has completed their 10,000 sq. ft. expansion to their 16,000 sq. ft. facility on Airline Highway.
  • Tournier Manufacturing has built their 15,500 sq. ft industrial building at the southeast corner of Broadway Street and Wagner Road, with an investment of $1.1 million.
  • Hydrite Chemical was approved for $300,000 in State funds for an expansion project at their site on WCF & N Drive that will work to add and retain over 10 jobs in the area.




  • The new $1.5 million Truck Wash is now open on North Elk Run road in the Northeast Industrial Park area
  • ConTrol has completed their new 17,500 sq. ft building valued at $500,000
  • ConTrol is currently working with R & N Investments for another 10,000 sq. ft. expansion to the building on GT Drive, for continued expansion in the area. 
  • Twin City Hide is rehabilitating the former Eagle Tannery building – with 30 employees, working to go up to 150 employees in 5 year period
  • Over $1 million in renovations at IBP site for building improvements
  • The City has worked with Stickfort Brothers LLC to “swap” land in this area and near airport to allow for a rock crushing facility near the Benton’s facility as well, bringing new industrial activity to area and securing more land for industrial development near Airport



  • The new Ansborough Hy-Vee has opened to busy crowds, with construction costs of over $3.5 million.
  • The Waterloo Schools have now opened the new Becker elementary school to go on the former Black Hawk School site
  • The new Catholic Middle School is now open with a $7.5 million expansion on the Columbus site,
  • East High has completed a new $426,000 building for indoor training of its athletes.
  • Leer’s Cycle Center is now open with their new $200,000 relocation and expansion for a new retail store on Fletcher Avenue.
  • RT Investments, at 622 Ansborough Avenue, has recently completed a $475,000 addition
  • Grace Brethren Church recently completed their $475,000 addition to their growing church
  • Ascension Lutheran recently completed a $1.3 million expansion to their growing church
  • Hawkeye Community College constructed a new $1.083 million truck training facility to help many growing employers needs for a trained workforce
  • The new $16.2 million Orange Elementary School is under construction, with lots planned to be platted surrounding it for new residential development 
  • Cabin Coffee built a new $400,000 location along Kimball Avenue near the Kimball Ridge shopping area
  • Lederman Development is working on a second retail strip center valued at $521,000 next to their previously finished development housing 3 retail tenants.
  • Hy-Vee has announced plans for the construction of a new convenience store on University Avenue, at the former Platt’s Nursery site
  • DHL is expanding at their site on 2240 Cedar Terrace, with a new $95,000 building expansion
  • Hawkeye Community College has begun work on their expansion and renovations to Buchanan Hall, with over $3.2 million in permits underway
  • Allen Hospital is planning a new multi-million 4th Floor addition/remodel
  • Young Plumbing and Heating added on a $50,000 addition
  • Black Hawk Grundy Mental Health Center added on a $1.5 million expansion project
  • Ravenwood Nursing and Rehab has started their $650,000 addition to their site
  • A-Line has taken out permits for a new $755,000, 2-story office to serve their business at 808 Dearborn Avenue
  • A new $2.1 million Pain Clinic is under construction on West 4th Street to further add office development at United Medical Park
  • Covenant continues work on its $17 million Emergency Room expansion project
  • A $200,000 office addition at 110 Plaza Circle will allow for better use and great infill
  • The Waterloo Schools continue to invest in their buildings with a $1.4 million renovation project at Hoover Intermediate School



  • Turnkey & Associates and Financial Decisions Group have opened their new $1.1 million professional offices in the Greenbelt Centre Business Park near the former Greyhound Park
  • Failor Hurley Construction continues their business growth, and has now completed their construction for a new $300,000 building near Country Estates on Marnie Avenue.
  • The City is working to extend sewer to the area behind Denso to create more lots for industrial development.
  • Dr. Sundaram is under construction for a new $1.4 million cardiovascular center at 2413 West Ridgeway, near Mauer Eye Center and Spa
  • Deer Creek development is adding additional roads and improvements to Ridgeway Avenue for further development of the Greenbelt Business Park


  • The redevelopment of the Tech Works site will bring over $50 million in new investment to the area, with the development of the Tech 2 building, the Deere Museum project, and the continued renovation of the Tech 1 building. 
  • The Waterloo boathouse is now open and available for rent (call our Leisure Services Department) with over $1.0 million in redevelopment costs from FEMA, etc. 
  • John Deere continues their investment in their Downtown Waterloo site with a $5.76 million addition to their H-4 building along River Road.  This is a great indication of the continued level of commitment by Deere to the Cedar Valley.
  • John Deere has also invested over $4.52 million in various renovations, improvements, and smaller additions to their sites in the Waterloo community.
  • The $26.6 million Riverfront Renaissance is complete, which has brought the development of a plaza, public space, etc.  The City has also completed the entire River Loop system from 1st Street to 18th Street, connecting into several other trail segments that lead to other areas of the community. 
  • JSA Development is renovating over 15 new upper floor residential units in Downtown Waterloo, a $1.0 million new investment
  • The new $550,000 Farmer's State Bank is now open at Jefferson and West 6th Street, bringing new construction to Downtown on a formerly underutilized parking area.
  • The Public Market is now open on the Expo Site, bringing new fresh food choices to the community, and working with the Buy Fresh, Buy Local groups.
  • The City has now purchased the last property needed for the $20 million Cedar Valley Sportsplex project to move towards construction, and construction is now underway !!  This construction project is funded with private donations.
  • The new $480,000 Iowa Community Credit Union is now open on the former Happy Chef site, bringing continued reinvestment in this area.
  • The City has demolished the former Grand Hotel site, which opens up an approximate 4.5-acre site near Downtown Waterloo and the Tech Works Campus
  • The Russell Lamson building rehabilitation is complete which renovated and brings additional residential units in Downtown Waterloo, for a new $14.9 million investment, and renovation of first floor commercial space as well.
  • John Rooff has completed 5 new houses along East 8th Street, to bring forth new residential homes to the area, and is now working on 3 new homes on Lafayette Street in close proximity..
  • Brent Dahlstrom and Jim Sulentic continue to building 12-plex riverfront housing condominiums along Sycamore Street, with two occupied, and 3 under construction.  This brings the total investment in that areas to over $5 million so far.
  • Kwik Star, at 9th and Highway 218, will begin construction soon on a new car wash facility for their growing needs.
  • American Pattern is underway with their $330,000 expansion of the former Rainbow Florists site on Westfield Avenue near John Deere.
  • Crossroads Auto has relocated from the former Kmart Plaza site, for pending new development there, to build a new $115,000 facility at West 11th and Commercial Street.
  • Chuck Orr is underway with the $400,000 renovation of the former Brown Derby building for new restaurants, My Thai, new retail space and new residential and event space.
  • C & S Car Company is investing over $750,000 in building expansions to their site at 812 Washington Street
  • Deere is underway with a $3.8 million remodel of a former building into the Deere Museum, on Tech Works campus



  • The 40 unit Common Bond residential townhouses, over $7.9 million in new investment, is now open at the southeast corner of Mobile and Newell Streets, bringing much-needed housing to this area
  • Over 27 new homes have gone up in the Summerland Park subdivision in partnership with State grant funds, with 5 more planned.
  • The State of Iowa has approved another round of down payment assistance for new housing – which will help to build approximately 20 new homes under the program.
  • Skogman Homes and Robson Homes have purchased lots in the Hummingbird Circle area, behind Wal-Mart, to bring continued residential development to the community.  Robson recently took out permits for their last portion of land behind GMAC, having built a multitude of new condominium homes in that area.
  • Landmark Commons, on Hammond south of Highway 20, is adding a new $4.8 million addition to further provide senior housing options in the community.
  • The City has vacated and sold land on West 4th Street near Pinehurst for the development of multiple residential condominium projects valued at an estimated $2.5 million.
  • Mayor Clark put together the G.R.O.W. Committee (Grow Residential Opportunities in Waterloo) to try and find a way to gain more housing starts in Waterloo.  The GROW Committee recommended the CLURA – a City wide urban revitalization area to allow for 3 years of tax abatement for any 1 or 2 family home of new construction.  The City Council adopted the CLURA for a 3-year time period to see what impacts it may have – and housing starts are up.



  • A new $430,000 Family Dollar store is now open on Highway 63, across the street from the Carver Academy Middle School.
  • The new $1.0 million Subway building, with additional tenant space, is now open north of the Logan Hy-Vee.
  • Dollar General is now open for their new $530,000 store just off of Airline Highway and Highway 63. 
  • Allen College is nearing completion of their latest campus addition of a new 19,500 sq. ft., $5.0 million expansion that will add 17 new offices, two 75-seat lecture halls, two 35-seat classrooms, and many other needed facilities.
  • The new $1.5 million CVS Pharmacy building at the former Immanuel Lutheran site (northeast corner of Highway 63 and Franklin Street) is now open, with a new lot available for another retail type development, up to 18,000 sq. ft.
  • The new $7.5 million Parkview specialty care center is underway, just north of Logan Hy Vee, a 90-bed facility.
  • The City of Waterloo is continuing the cleanup of the former Chamberlain with demolition ongoing through the removal of the slab foundations, utilizing federal and state grant funds.
  • Casey’s added a $350,000 addition to their store at 3035 Logan Avenue



  • The Human Service Campus is two-thirds complete, with the $6.0 million Dept. of Corrections building, the $4.5 million Operation Threshold building, and construction underway for the new $5.5 million Food Bank building.
  • Crystal Distribution has taken out permits for their $1.0 million cold storage expansion project near the 18th Street Bridge, on the east side of the Cedar River.
  • The City is working with TNJ Construction for the redevelopment of the former Dell Oil site at 18th Street and Black Hawk Street.  Work is complete with two new mini storage units ($190,000), and a new office and warehouse development ($220,000) also to come to the site this year.
  • The City is underway for the redevelopment of the former CMC site for a new $5.5 million Public Works Building, with help from $5 million in I-Jobs funding
  • The City continues to work with a California developer for the historic renovation of the former Rath Administration building with over $1.5 million in improvements planned
  • Roger Klingfus is under construction with his new $100,000 warehousing building at 10th Street and Jefferson Street
  • The City has entered into a Development Agreement with Kent Orchard for the redevelopment of the former Church building at Jefferson and 8th Street for a new commercial building after its demolition
  • The City has entered into a Development Agreement with Bob Fischels for a new $180,000 commercial building where the City acquired 1715 and 1713 Jefferson Street, for good infill development
  • The City acquired land for redevelopment from the donation of Forge Industries, just off Black Hawk Street, and west of the former Dell Oil site
  • Pinnacle Auto Mart is open, with a $200,000+ investment by Witham
  • Crossroads Auto is now open on West 11th as well, with a new $120,000 building
  • Waterloo Warehousing has purchased the former Secor building at 3215 Lafayette Street, to bring new energy and new employment to that site.  The City previously utilized $126,000 in State RISE funds, matched with local city funds, for the construction of a rail spur to the site.
  • Mobile Money is planning an expansion and renovation of their site along Highway 218.


San Marnan

  • Cardinal Construction recently completed a new 10,000 sq. ft., $1.85 million, Veteran’s Administration office building in Country Club Business Park.
  • Christensen is under construction of a new $940,000 medical office building in the Country Club Business Park
  • The University of Iowa Credit Union has recently purchased a lot in Country Club Business Park for a future location.
  • The City of Waterloo continues to acquire land on the south side of Highway 20 for a new business and Industrial park location, now owning over 50 acres.
  • The City of Waterloo continues to work with Stickfort and Walsh for the relocation of San Marnan Drive to create up to 26 new housing lots along Sunnyside Golf Course.
  • The new Kimball Beecher medical office, a $1.1 million investment, is now open on the newly built Hurst Drive
  • Buzz Anderson’s $1.0 million investment in a new office building on Kimball Avenue & Highway 20 continues to see progress.
  • VGM Companies completed a $770,000 remodeling project.
  • Sam’s Club completed a $1.8 million remodeling project.
  • Tower Park completed a $1.8 million remodel to its site.



  • The Highway 63 corridor renovation is underway with the acquisition of 26 homes and 4 partial business acquisitions.  The actual road construction will begin in the spring of 2013.  This overall corridor development is aimed at traffic improvements, neighborhood revitalization, and economic opportunities.
  • The City is also working with AECOM for improvements to Donald Street on the southern end of Logan Plaza, to add additional lanes for an increasing amount of traffic to the area and to help foster development of the plaza.  This is funded with MPO federal road funds. 
  • The Shaulis Road project is now complete, opening up a much-needed gap in the arterial road system, and improving Ansborough Avenue from Highway 20 to Shaulis.  The new bike trail from Ansborough to Highway 21 was included, and a new trail grant has been approved for the City to extend the trail easterly from Highway 21 to the Isle of Capri entrance.
  • The City continues to work with the Iowa Department of Transportation and Cedar Falls for improvements and changes to the University Avenue Corridor area to help bring more pedestrian accommodations and roadway improvements to that area.
  • Kimball Avenue is under design to add turning lanes, and other traffic improvements from Arcadia to Tower Park Drive.  The majority of this corridor will become 5-lanes.


Flood Recovery

  • The Engineering firms have been selected for the design and construction of $17 million in grant funding for 8 new lift stations in flood-damaged areas of the community to protect from future events.  Construction should begin this year.



  • The City of Waterloo continues to attack dilapidated structures, receiving grant funds to take down the former Van Eaton School, the Chamberlain site, the Francis Grout site, and we are working on the former Lafayette School this year.  This will help to create new infill sites for new housing, new commercial sites, etc. 


In summary, the City of Waterloo is having a great construction season and should be over the $100 million + mark for new permit valuation and investment.  This shows a good amount of strength of investment by the private sector in our community, and with the adoption of the CLURA, more projects underway and on the horizon, we believe we will achieve a higher mark for the upcoming year.  This will help to bring new tax base, new investors, new jobs to the area, as well as work to strengthen and diversify our economy for a better Waterloo as a whole. 


The City Council continues to prioritize economic development to help bring new jobs, new businesses, and help our existing businesses expand here in Waterloo.  Simultaneously, the City continues to work to eliminate abandoned Brownfield and Greyfield sites, and work to help improvement neighborhood and business areas through the elimination of empty and dilapidated buildings, working with developers for the highest and best use of sites, and traffic and infrastructure improvements where needed in the community. 


Thank you for your time, and if you have any questions on any of these matters, please fell free to contact Noel Anderson or Tim Andera in our Planning Department at 319.291.4366.